Total Weed Control

Aim of Treatment

  • To control the growth of grass and broadleaf weeds and sometimes nettles, docks and brambles

Areas of Treatment

  • Highways
  • Footways
  • Car Parks
  • Industrial and Leisure Sites
  • Cemeteries

Purpose of Treatment

  • Regulate the growth of unwanted weeds
  • Reduce maintenance costs of structural damage caused by unwanted weeds
  • Reduce fire risk of weed growth
  • Regulate against unwanted / harmful creature infestation
  • Improve aesthetics


  • Use of Chemicals Regulation Directorate (CRD) approved herbicide to destroy / control up to 95% of emerged weeds
  • Left hand drive Nissan with fixed kerb jet
  • Agriculturally registered and road licensed Quads with fixed 2m boom and fixed kerb jets
  • Knapsack Sprayer